Maritime Faculties

In most cases, a degree from a maritime university is required for senior (management) positions aboard a ship. These include Captain and Chief Engineer positions, and in many cases, 2nd Engineer and Chief Officer positions as well.

The duration of the degree programs varies by institutions and countries. Most of the European universities follow the Bologna process; the Bachelor's program lasts 3 and Master's program 5 years.

The majority of maritime universities offer the following tracks to prepare you for a career on sea:

  • Navigation and Nautical Studies – track for the education of Deck Officers
  • Marine Engineering – track for the education of  Engine Officers
  • Marine Electronics and Communications – track for the education of  Electra-technical Officers (ETO)

When holding a degree from a maritime university, you become more competitive in the maritime labor market. You have no limitations on advancement possibilities and potential employers may count on you as being the Captain or the Chief Engineer of one of their ships in the future.

See the list and contact details of maritime universities in your country in the Maritime Connector  directory.

Maritime Faculties: