Seafarers FAQ

  • How do I find a job using Maritime-Connector?
If you are not registered user of Maritime-Connector you need to register and confirm received e-mail (by clicking on a link received in your e-mail you confirm your e-mail address and chosen password). When you have finished this first step you need to log in and click the "Edit My CV" link on your user menu in the left side. CV on maritime-connector is your best career tool available and it is for free. If you fill in all data and attach all scanned documents, certificates, license, your CV will be 100% complete and it will be marked as “Hot” there fore showing on top of search results once recruiters look for profiles with your qualifications.
This time we moved step ahead and now you can print out your CV, you can download it in PDF, Save and send to 3rd party recruiters even if they are not advertising with maritime-connector, and you can forward your CV through system to 3rd party recruiter.

Once your resume is posted, you can browse to the list of vacancies matching your skills and apply to the positions you find interesting for your career. We are also introducing Job Hunter which will send you notifications of new matching jobs on maritime-connector
Finding a job using is quick and easy.
This is not end to improvements as we will continue development and add new features to support your career all the time.
  • Do I have to have a resume to apply for jobs?
Yes, you need to fill in your CV at Maritime Connector in order to apply for jobs. The more completed your CV is, the better are your chances of landing a job.
  • What does "Profile Completeness" bar 10 – 100 in my profile mean?
Recruiter companies dislike receiving CV applications containing minimum data such as candidates personal data, as from limited data it is hard for them to know about your experience and relevancy to position applied for. We introduced this graph showing you percentage of your CV completeness.
By having 100% here means you filled in all data and uploaded your scanned certificates. CV with as close to 100% will get better ranking and better opportunity for new job. So spend few minutes of your time for development of this professional career tool. Having 100% CV will also increase opportunity recruiters will find your CV and offer you job opportunities without you even applying.
  • How much does it cost to use Maritime-Connector?
Maritime Connector always was and will be free for job seekers. All that the candidate needs to do is fill in his CV with as much details as possible, upload scanned documents and browse through the vacancies regularly. Having CV completeness 100% makes your CV the premium selection for recruiters.

  • Who uses Maritime-Connector?
Maritime professionals (Masters, Mates, Engineers, Superintendents, Ratings, Cruise staff, offshore staff, office shipping personnel,...)  use Maritime Connector when looking for new job vacancies. Maritime Connector facilitates their job search by gathering multiple employers and job opportunities at one place.

Maritime recruiters use Maritime Connector to post jobs. Since the website has excellent traffic rankings and recognition in the maritime industry, chances for their job advert to be seen by qualified candidates are highly improved. In urgent cases, recruiters use Maritime Connector's job hunter in order to browse through CV's and directly contact the seafarers without prior posting the job advert.
  • What jobs are available through Maritime-Connector?
All type of maritime jobs are available;
Seagoing positions: merchant ships, cruise ships, offshore....
Shore-based jobs related to the maritime industry
  • How do I post my resume?
Your resume will be posted automatically when you fill in your details and save them.
  • How do I edit my resume?
You can edit your resume by clicking on “Edit my CV” on the left side of users menu after you register and log in to your pages.
  • How can I change my password?
You can change your password by simply retyping new one over the old one in your “personal details” in “Edit CV”.
  • Who can see my CV details?
Your CV details will be fully visible to companies on whose job adverts you have applied for. Your CV will also be visible to our registered companies who are doing head hunting for candidate profiles such as yours.
  • How do I search for a job?
You can search job through our search engine by choosing desired ship type, department, rank or combination of those searching parameters. Also, you can find jobs by looking at company's profile where you will find list of that company's published jobs.

  • I tried searching for a job but my search returned no results – why?
If the search is too specific, and the search turns out with no results, try imputing less search details to find a job close to your wishes.
  • How do I get more detail about a job?
You have to be a registered user to get more job details. Once you are logged in, just click on the position of your interest, and you will be redirected to specific job details.
  • How do I apply for a job?
When you open full job description (by clicking on job title) you will have a button “apply for this job”. By simple click on that button your CV will be send to employer. You can apply only once to one same job.
You can also download your CV in PDF and send it by e-mail to company of your interest even if that company is not currently on maritime-connector.
You can also click on forward my CV and ad e-mail where you would like your CV to be forwarded also in case you want to apply to company that is not currently advertising on maritime-connector.
  • Why can't I find “apply for this job” button?
If you have already applied to that designated job, “apply for this job” button will disappear.

If you have any additional questions, requests or ideas for improvement feel free to contact us any time to e-mail: [email protected]