Pavel Gordienko - Captain - AHTS - Russian Federation (CV ID: 804) - Personal CV

Pavel Gordienko - Captain - AHTS - Russian Federation (CV ID: 804)

Profile last updated: 04.07.2019

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  1. Personal data

    Current department Deck
    Current rank Captain
    Current ship type AHTS
    Desired annual salary (USD) 27,000 - 54,000
    Desired contract type Contract based
    Desired contract dynamics 2/2 Month
    Years of experience 10+
    Date available for job 05.07.2019
    Marital status Married
  2. Passport

    Nationality Number Place issued Date Valid until
    Russian Federation
    Astrakhan / Russia/ 14.05.2014 26.03.2019
  3. Medical examination

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    Astrakhan 26.04.2014 26.04.2015
  4. Seaman's book

    Nationality Number Place issued Valid until Document
    Russian Federation
    Astrakhan/Russia 14.04.2016
  5. Education

    Education level Institution name Country
    Masters Degree Astrakhan maritime college in 1993year by class Navigator Russian Federation
    Odessa Maritime Training Centre Ukraine
  6. Vaccinations

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    Krasnodar / Russia 02.02.2010 02.02.2020
  7. Certificates

    Name Valid until Certificate
    Advanced fire-fighting 28.03.2019
    Advanced medical care 14.05.2021
    Basic Sea Survival 19.03.2019
    Basic safety training 26.04.2019
    Company Security Officer (CSO) 11.04.2019
    Dynamic Positioning Induction 25.01.2018
    ECDIS 25.04.2019
    General operator (GOC GMDSS) 14.05.2019
    Medical Care 04.04.2019
    Medical Fitness Certificate 26.04.2015
  8. Certificates of competency

    Type Number Valid until Certificate
    Master of a ship of 3,000 GT or more
  9. Current employment

    Company Topaz Marine and Energy
    Title AHTS Master
    Country Kazakhstan
    From date 17.06.2015
  10. Service records

    Department Rank Ship type Vessel name Company From To
    Deck Chief Officer Standby vessel AFON CEFNI SILVERBURN SHIPPING Co 01.06.2006 18.08.2006
    Deck Captain Anchor handler CS MARINA CASPIAN SERVICES GROUP LTD 26.08.2006 10.12.2006
    Deck Captain Anchor handler CS CARMEN CASPIAN SERVICES GROUP LTD 05.02.2007 10.12.2007
    Deck Captain Anchor handler SARA MAATJE IX CASPIAN SERVICES GROUP LTD 18.01.2008 07.07.2009
    Deck Captain Anchor handler VALENTINE 2 VALENTINE MARITIME GULF LCC 01.05.2010 01.08.2010
    Deck Captain AHTS Afon Cefni Kaspiiskiy Buksir 24.04.2011 01.08.2011
    Deck Captain Offshore Safety Vessel OHSU Thong Yong Marine 2000PTE 25.08.2011 29.12.2011
    Deck Captain Tug TB PEARLY Thong Yong Marine 2000 PTE 30.12.2011 31.01.2012
    Deck Oceanographic vessel 6505777 JEAN CHARCOT BRASBUNKER Co 29.08.2012 08.11.2012
    Deck Deck Supervisor Pipe/cable layer PLB 648 NPCC UAE 23.05.2013 20.08.2013
    Deck Captain Oceanographic vessel 6505777 JEAN CHARCOT Brasbunker Co 25.05.2014 27.08.2014
    Deck Captain AHTS 9560302 TOPAZ LEGEND Topaz Marine 17.06.2015 23.09.2015
    Deck Captain AHTS SCOUT TRELCO Marine Services 06.04.2016 23.06.2016
    Deck Captain PSV Atlantic Supporter Vimar Offshore LCC 23.03.2018 10.06.2018
  11. Other employments

    Company name Title Country From date To date
    Brusbanker Co master mariner Brazil 29.08.2012 08.11.2012
    ADMA OPCO UAE Marine Advisor United Arab Emirates 23.05.2013 20.08.2013
    Vimar Offsore LCC Captain Russian Federation 23.03.2018 10.06.2018