Leonidas Ojeda - 2nd Officer - Chemical/Oil tanker - Argentina (CV ID: 785) - Personal CV

Leonidas Ojeda - 2nd Officer - Chemical/Oil tanker - Argentina (CV ID: 785)

Profile last updated: 28.03.2017

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  1. Personal data

    Current department Deck
    Current rank 2nd Officer
    Current ship type Chemical/Oil tanker
    Desired annual salary (USD)
    Desired contract type
    Desired contract dynamics
    Years of experience 5-10
    Date available for job 02.02.2017
    Marital status Single
  2. Passport

    Nationality Number Place issued Date Valid until
    ARGENTINA 19.06.2015 19.06.2025
  3. Medical examination

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    BUENOS AIRES / ARGENTINA 13.08.2015 13.08.2017
  4. Seaman's book

    Nationality Number Place issued Valid until Document
    RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL 15.05.2018
  5. Education

    Education level Institution name Country
  6. Certificates

    Name Valid until Certificate
    ARPA radar - operational level 28.11.2017
    Advanced fire-fighting 21.09.2017
    Advanced medical care 21.09.2017
    Advanced oil tanker operations 09.10.2020
    Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations 22.05.2022
    Basic safety training 21.09.2017
    Bridge resource management
    Bridge team management
    Fire Fighting 21.09.2017
    General operator (GOC GMDSS) 24.03.2017
    Helicopter Underwater Escape Training 09.09.2018
    Helicopter Underwater Escape Training 09.09.2018
    Medical Care 21.09.2017
    Medical Fitness Certificate 13.08.2017
    Medical first aid 21.09.2017
    Personal Survival Techniques 21.09.2017
    Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Operations 21.09.2017
    Radar Observer 28.11.2017
    Ship Security Officer (SSO) 19.10.2021
  7. Current employment

    From date
  8. Service records

    Department Rank Ship type Vessel name Company From To
    Deck 3rd Officer Bulk carrier AMALIA DEL BENE / (now ELLA CLAIRE) IMO 8302557 DORIS MANAGEMENT S.A. 06.06.2008 11.09.2008
    Deck 3rd Officer Crude oil tanker POTI IMO 8421183 PETROBRAS ENERGIA S.A. – PESA 28.05.2009 16.09.2009
    Deck 3rd Officer Product tanker ONA TRIDENTE TRANS-ONA SAMCYF 01.08.2010 16.10.2010
    Deck 3rd Officer AHTS B. G. TIGER BAHIA GRANDE S.A. 10.02.2011 23.03.2011
    Deck 3rd Officer Offshore Supply Vessel NOR SUN SOLSTAD OFFSHORE ASIA PACIFIC 06.04.2011 11.05.2011
    Deck Deck Officer 7381491 PETROBRAS 47 PETROBRAS S.A. / ETC LTDA. 22.08.2011 26.11.2012
    Deck Trainee Officer Crude oil tanker TRAINEE MOORING MASTER ON BOARD SHUTTLE TANKERS MARENOSTRUM LTDA. 31.01.2013 05.08.2013
    Deck Deck Officer FPSO 7381491 PETROBRAS 47 PETROBRAS S.A. / ETC LTDA. 06.06.2013 30.08.2014
    Deck Deck Officer FPSO 9323950 FPSO PEREGRINO BW OFFSHORE LTDA 10.09.2014 12.11.2014
    Deck 3rd Officer Chemical/Oil tanker 9502439 SAN SAN H HORAMAR S.A. 01.03.2016 04.05.2016
  9. Other employments

    Company name Title Country From date To date
    ARGENTINE NAVY NAVAL OFFICER Argentina 27.11.2001 01.10.2007
    ARGENTINE NAVY NAVAL CADET Argentina 02.02.1997 27.11.2001