Recruiters FAQ

  • Is Maritime Connector (or Nexus d.o.o.) a marine recruitment agent?
Maritime Connector is not a recruitment agent. We are professional maritime job board supporting your P.R., marketing, and international sourcing for best talent. We present company fleet, activities, services,vacancies... to global community of maritime professionals raising awareness of company and increasing visibility of all activities and talent needs.
As such we can make no guarantees to the CV's published on the website. By agreeing to our terms and conditions job seekers agree to accept full responsibility for conducting all reasonable checks before entering into any contractual arrangements.
  • I am a recruitment agent, can I advertise on your site?
All recruiters can benefit from the use of Maritime Connector to advertise their vacancies. Owners, managers,agents, lawyers.. are all welcome.
  • How do I advertise on your site?
If you would like to publish your job vacancies and your companies profile you can register for free and create your company presentation on your own, or you can contact us to do it for you. If you are interested in banner advertising please contact us.
  • How do I pay to advertise my vacancies?
You can choose between bank transfer, online payment and PayPal subscriptions. For other options and suggestions, please contact us directly.
  • What currencies will you accept?
All of our advertising plans are priced in EURO (€) and USD ($). When paying by invoice we will produce an invoice against which payment should be made. When paying online you are given the choice to pay in other currencies.
  • Will I be charged VAT for this service?
No, no VAT will be charged.
  • What advertising opportunities are available to me?
A. There are 3 different packages with different numbers of job adverts included. If none of these packages is suitable for you please contact us so we can offer you your tailor made package.
B. There is also banner marketing system available for clients marketing and P.R.
  • Once I have posted my vacancy on the site can I modify details of the advert?
Yes you can modify the details of your vacancy at any time during the period your advert is posted on the site.
  • Where will my vacancy be displayed?
Depending on subscription package you choose, adverts can be seen in search engine alone, in search engine and Featured Company section and finally in search engine, Featured Company and Featured Job section on our home page.
  • How can I further increase the visibility of my postings?
By purchasing "Basic" package you gain small exposure and "Professional" and "Premium" have bigger exposure, number of adverts and additional services.
  • Will other recruiters have access to my vacancy details?
No, the full vacancy details are only visible to registered job seekers.
  • How do job seekers apply for the vacancy?
When registered job seekers express an interest in your vacancy you will receive an email from the site including the details of the job seeker and a link to their resume and their CV. Having reviewed the job seekers details it will then be your decision if you wish to contact the job seeker further.
  • Is there a limit to the number of job seeker details I can search on?
No there is no limit to the number of job seeker details you can search on.
  • I like the site but I do not have time to manage my postings how can you help?
Our enhanced service lets you pass on the management of your job adverts to us. You email us details of your new vacancy postings or changes to your existing postings and leave the rest to us - total hassle free advertising.
  • I have uploaded my vacancy postings to the site but do not have time to search for suitable candidates, how can you help?
The site has been designed to allow you to perform an automated job seeker “CV hunter”online. Once you have uploaded your job you will be given the opportunity to auto match your job with our database of job seekers.
  • How long will my received job applications be visible?
Your received job applications with full details and contacts will be visible during your advertising period or better said Subscription period. When your subscription and linking adverts expire you will be able only to see users ID and service records but no contact details. This is why we encourage clients to use annual subscriptions as full candidate details are available for 12 months. While your vacancy is active you can print or save as PDF any interesting job application that you have received.
  • What are "My Folders" for?
"My Folders" are- here to make selection process easier for you. You can create new folders for different adverts, different ship types, positions..... and categorize received job applicants in the way that it is easiest to you.


If you have any additional questions, requests or ideas for improvement feel free to contact us any time to e-mail: [email protected]