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Minerva Marine Inc.

Minerva Marine Inc.

Minerva operates a young fleet ranging from MRs to VLCCs in the tanker segment and Capesize and Kamsarmax in the bulker segment.

Minerva operates a young fleet ranging from MRs to VLCCs in the tanker segment and Capesize and Kamsarmax in the bulker segment.  
The Company has an integrated management structure and is completely independent of outside services. Each department within the Company has precisely defined tasks and all departments liaise on a daily basis to achieve the best possible operational result.
As a private and independent company, Minerva controls every aspect of its operation and management, and is committed to provide safe and reliable transportation.
We have established long term business with Major Oil Companies and are proud to be able to consistently maintain those relations. We further endeavour to create new business partners, with the customers’ ever-changing needs always at the forefront.  
Wisdom, arts and skills were the virtues for which Athena, identified with Roman Minerva, was one of the most important Olympian deities.
By the same virtues, we try to be inspired in our life and work in Minerva.
We aim to provide superior client service offering Maximum Quality and striving for Zero Casualties.
The goal of our ongoing safety, security, environmental protection and health program is “zero incidents” onboard and ashore.
Protecting the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors and related personnel is of the utmost importance. “Safety First” is a core value of our culture, and we are dedicated to protect the safety and health of all those associated with our Company.
Managing a young and well maintained fleet, meeting new industry requirements, whilst complying with all applicable rules and regulations, minimizes the risk in the environment we operate.
Focusing on safe and healthy work environments, onboard and ashore, we respect the dignity and the rights of the individual and offer equal opportunity to all employees in order to develop and realize their career goals. 
We earn the confidence of our clients by maintaining a robust Safety, Security, Quality and Environmental Management system in compliance with ISM & ISPS Codes, ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements.
The selection and career development procedure for our officers and crews and the rigorous familiarization and training program ensures that high quality services are provided.
Professionally trained and experienced shore personnel are continuously monitoring that the high quality of the services we provide is maintained and continuously improved to meet and to exceed our clients’ expectations.
Trained and experienced crew, supported by the same level of shore-based personnel, ensure the Company’s success. STCW is considered the starting point of the educational programs. Shore based seminars and refresher-training courses supplement extensive onboard training. Familiarization with specific duties and with the Company’s Management System is provided to all newly employed personnel and to those transferred to new assignments.
Below is a sample of training courses Minerva provides to their ship and shore based personnel:
- Ship Handling Simulator
Bridge Resource Management
Engine Room Resource Management
Electronic Charts Training
Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
Risk Assessment
Environmental Management Courses
Tanker Safety
Cargo Operations
Classification Societies Training
Machinery Technical Training
Hull Technical Training
Internal Auditors and SSO/CSO training
Dangerous atmosphere control and monitoring
Port State Control
Minerva Marine, being a dynamic shipping company, aims to run its global operations responsibly towards the environment. The Company has produced a Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System based on the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 Standards. It includes a comprehensive set of processes and practices that enable the Company to reduce its environmental impacts and continually improve its operating efficiency. Minerva constantly seeks to adopt the best practices in shipping in order to ensure the optimum sustainable transportation.


- Comprehensive Fuel Management Plan
- Environment Friendly Refrigerants and Chemicals
- Procedures to reduce emission of VOC's
- Efficient Energy Management on board.
Double Hull Protection in way of Bunker Tanks
Environment Friendly Antifouling Coatings
Ballast Water Management
Waste and Sewage Management on board
Efficient sewage treatment plants
Increased Capacity of Incinerators
Extensive use of garbage compactors
Increased structural scantlings enhancing ship’s strength
Highly efficient diesel engines used for propulsion and power generation on board, lowering energy consumption requirements
Improved maneuverability using bow thrusters
Latest technology navigation/ communication equipment
Highly automated central control of machinery systems as well as cargo systems and operations
Use of high specification coating systems for the hull, the cargo and ballast tanks
Increased capacity of cargo & ballast pumps to reduce turnaround time in port.
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