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Internet portal for maritime employment!

The pages were created through a collaboration with experience seafarers and computer experts in order to create and interactive place on the internet where seafarers, maritime employers, centers for maritime education, maritime Universities and other institutions in the maritime sector could meet. Since 2007 we are developing constantly and after just 2 years of our work we became worlds leading job board for maritime industry. After gaining valuable experience in close to 4 years of successful work we created advanced platform and released in November 2011.

Our goals are:

  • To create a network between the maritime employers and seafarers looking for sea-going jobs by using our advertising services.
  • To offer ship owners and managers one place where they can  focus and target their marketing efforts to largest global pool of maritime professionals.
  • To offer seafarers as much information as possible concerning sea-going job vacancies, certificates, education, companies, ...
  • To offer best available career tool for maritime professionals worldwide.
Our services for seafarers are based on a dynamic system of advertising sea-going vacancies of our registered maritime companies, database of interactive resumes and a system of electronically sent notices.

Registration, all services and information access for seafarers are completely free.
Companies and agencies pay very competitive prices for advertising, searching through the database of resumes and other methods of advertising. The registration is completely free.
Maritime-connector.com does not work as an agent for embarking seafarers.

Our services for registered job seekers:
  • Activating an interactive electronic resume form which presents the seafarer to the registered maritime companies or agencies who are looking for new candidates through the resume database. In our new form of CV you can upload your photo, certificates and other documents. Once when you create your online CV it's very easy to update it regulary. You can also download it in Pdf form or print it and send it to companies that are not registered on maritime-connector.com
  • Possibilities for:
- accessing and searching through the posted adverts of sea-going jobs
- sending an application for a posted advert by sending the already prepared resume
- access to information about the institutes for educating seafarers
- access to information about the centers for seafarers' certification
- access to and browsing through news from the maritime business world
- receiving offers for sea-going jobs on your personal e-mail address

  • posting adverts for embarking seafarers
  • access to the database of seafarers’ resumes
  • promoting their activities through “Maritime company profiles” database
  • advertising through banners
  • publishing news about the company and activities in their maritime sector
  • receiving notices and information

Until maritime-connector started with it's work, job for ship owners, managers, agencies and any other parties looking for maritime professionals was harder each year. Globalization of industry is thing of past but growing fleet both in size and numbers, demands for professionals, advancement in technology, education, and other problems are emerging each day.
Companies use most of their time to focus on core business and marketing, P.R., sourcing for candidates, is becoming more demanding each year.
Maritime-connector is changing that story, since 2007 we are supporting growing number of international companies. Our success rate is best shown by largest community of professional seafarers from all around the world today. Also we are glad to say that we work with more than 100 ship owners, managers and agencies world wide.
Companies have no time to deal with marketing, professional P.R. Agencies are expensive, promotion of corporate internet pages requires new employment and increased expenses with limited performance. Using maritime-connector companies now gain best cost efficient method both for their P.R. Presentation, marketing, and for sourcing of professionals.

Some records we achieved:

  • 50 CV applicants to vacancy posted within 12 hrs from publishing
  • 79 people employed after just 15 days advertising with one of our major clients
  • 80% of all people employed for another industry major in 2010. applied to them through www.maritime-connector.com
  • 100% increase of clients corporate internet pages ranking on Google after just 3 months campaign
  • 600% increase in number of visitors to clients corporate internet pages after just 3 months campaign
  • Close to 6.000 CV applicants to clients adverts and profile as a result of annual campaign
  • Decrease in time of searching for candidates by 50% from any known method to one of our clients
  • Decrease of advertising and recruitment costs by 45% with increase of performance by 120% to one of our clients

These are some of our records achieved since 2007 and we expect to continue pushing forward and make even better results in time ahead.

Maritime-connector.com is owned and established by Nexus d.o.o.

Company Name (Ime tvrtke) Nexus d.o.o.
Headquarters (Sjedište) Trinajstići 94a, 51215 Kastav, Croatia
Board Member (Član Uprave društva) Eric Superina
Bank (Banka): Privredna Banka Zagreb
Account Number (Broj Žiro računa) 2340009-1110328981
IBAN HR53 2340009-1110328981
VAT  (OIB) HR48833913849
Company's (court) Registration Number (MBS) 040244638
Registered with the Commercial Court in Rijeka Tt-07/2699-2, 21th December 2007. Equity capital 20.000,00 kn paid in full  (Upisano u Trgovački sud u Rijeci Tt-07/2699-2 od 21. prosinca 2007. god. Temeljni kapital 20.000,00 Kn uplaćen u cijelosti)


You are more than welcome to our website and we hope that you will find it useful and effective. If you have any critique, comments or advice of how to further improve our services for you, please contact us here.