Ricardo Leoncio B. Lao - Doctor - Accommodation Ship - Philippines (CV ID: 1430) - Personal CV

Ricardo Leoncio B. Lao - Doctor - Accommodation Ship - Philippines (CV ID: 1430)

Profile last updated: 12.01.2012

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  1. Personal data

    Current department Safety / Security / Medical
    Current rank Doctor
    Current ship type Accommodation Ship
    Desired annual salary (USD) 81,000 - 108,000
    Desired contract type Contract based
    Desired contract dynamics
    Years of experience 10+
    Date available for job 24.01.2012
    Marital status Married
  2. Passport

    Nationality Number Place issued Date Valid until
    Manila PHILIPPINES 28.08.2008 27.08.2013
    DFA San Fdo Pamp PHILIPPINES 28.08.2008 27.08.2013
  3. Medical examination

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    manila PHILIPPINES 14.04.2009 16.04.2011
    MANILA PHILIPPINES 01.01.1970 23.08.2012
  4. Seaman's book

    Nationality Number Place issued Valid until Document
    manila PHILIPPINES 21.10.2012
    Manila Philippines 09.02.2014
  5. Education

    Education level Institution name Country
    PhD/MD/Doctorate Our Lady of Fatima University Philippines
  6. Vaccinations

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    Manila PHILIPPINES 18.07.2001 14.05.2014
  7. Certificates

    Name Valid until Certificate
    Advanced medical care 24.05.2011
    Crowd management 16.06.2015
  8. Current employment

    Company San Isidro Medical Clinic
    Title Clinic Doctor
    Country Philippines
    From date 10.06.1986
  9. Service records

    Department Rank Ship type Vessel name Company From To
    Safety / Security / Medical Doctor Cruise Ship TSS China Sea Discovery V Ships 03.01.2001 15.06.2001
    Safety / Security / Medical Doctor Drill Ship Transocean legend Transocean 15.06.2005 28.12.2005
  10. Other employments

    Company name Title Country From date To date
    Noble Drilling Intl Ltd Rig Medic Qatar 13.05.2009 23.11.2011