Navdeep Singh - - India (CV ID: 48841) - Personal CV

Navdeep Singh - - India (CV ID: 48841)

Profile last updated: 06.02.2012

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  1. Personal data

    Current department
    Current rank
    Current ship type
    Desired annual salary (USD) 0 - 27,000
    Desired contract type Contract based
    Desired contract dynamics
    Years of experience 0
    Date available for job 07.02.2012
    Marital status Single
  2. Passport

    Nationality Number Place issued Date Valid until
    GHAZIABAD 29.07.2010 28.07.2020
  3. Seaman's book

    Nationality Number Place issued Valid until Document
    MUMBAI 21.11.2020
  4. Education

    Education level Institution name Country
    3 Year Degree BSC Indian Maritime University Chennai India
  5. Vaccinations

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    Delhi 19.01.2011 18.01.2021
  6. Certificates

    Name Valid until Certificate
    Tanker familiarization
  7. Current employment

    From date