Mumtaz Ahmed Malik - 2nd Engineer - Bulk carrier - Pakistan (CV ID: 11062) - Personal CV

Mumtaz Ahmed Malik - 2nd Engineer - Bulk carrier - Pakistan (CV ID: 11062)

Profile last updated: 08.11.2018

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  1. Personal data

    Current department Engine
    Current rank 2nd Engineer
    Current ship type Bulk carrier
    Desired annual salary (USD) 54,000 - 81,000
    Desired contract type Period based
    Desired contract dynamics 4M On 2M Off
    Years of experience 10+
    Date available for job 25.10.2018
    Marital status Married
  2. Passport

    Nationality Number Place issued Date Valid until
    Lahore, Pakistan 11.02.2015 10.02.2020
  3. Medical examination

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    Karachi, Pakistan 24.10.2017 23.10.2019
  4. Seaman's book

    Nationality Number Place issued Valid until Document
    Karachi, Pakistan 29.07.2021
  5. Vaccinations

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    KARACHI, PAKISTAN 30.07.2011 30.07.2021
  6. Education

    Education level Institution name Country
    Masters Degree Sheffield Hallam University United Kingdom
    3 Year Degree BSC PNSC Marine College & Wks Karachi Pakistan
    2 Year Degree Pakistan Marine Academy Karachi Pakistan
  7. Certificates

    Name Valid until Certificate
    Advanced fire-fighting 17.02.2022
    Basic safety training 17.02.2022
    Medical Fitness Certificate 23.10.2019
    Personal Survival Techniques 31.01.2022
    Proficiency in Medical First Aid Aboard Ship 10.02.2022
    Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Operations 26.02.2022
    Seafarer with designated security duties 07.06.2019
  8. Certificates of competency

    Type Number Valid until Certificate
    Chief engineer - up to 3,000 kW propulsion power
  9. Current employment

    Company Aggregates Manufacturing Trading FZE
    Title Second Engineer
    Country United Arab Emirates
    From date 28.10.2017
  10. Service records

    Department Rank Ship type Vessel name Company From To
    Engine 5th Engineer Bulk carrier 7925546 KARADENIZ POWERSHIP KAYA BEY M. V. EL AMAAN- Gulfeast Ship Management Ltd.Hong Kong 02.10.1988 23.08.1989
    Engine 4th Engineer Bulk carrier 6710724 SAVOYDEAN III Guleast Ship Management Ltd Hong Kong 25.04.1990 26.01.1991
    Engine 4th Engineer Livestock Carrier 5192810 FERNANDA F Rashid Fares Enterprises Lebanon 05.07.1991 24.09.1991
    Engine 4th Engineer Bulk carrier 7232779 IRAN FALLAHI Iran Shipping Line 17.08.1992 21.02.1993
    Engine 4th Engineer General cargo 7618595 IRAN VAHDAT Iran Shipping Line 17.07.1994 24.01.1995
    Engine 3rd Engineer General cargo 7406007 AZIZ MV Muzaffar Aziz - Shahpur Ship Management Ltd Pakistan 23.06.1995 25.04.1996
    Shore Marine/Mechanical Engineer Military ship Eastern Fleet Al Siddiq & Badr class corvette RSNF-Ship Repair Facility Al-Jubail, KSA 18.07.1999 02.07.2011
    Engine 2nd Engineer General cargo 7912977 FREEDOM MV BM FREEDOM-FAR EAST SHIP MANAGEMENT - HONG KONG 01.10.2011 23.02.2012
    Engine 2nd Engineer Bulk carrier 9077252 BORAK 1 Manship Pte. Ltd. Singapore 20.05.2012 02.12.2012
    Engine 2nd Engineer Bulk carrier 8322507 TRANS OCEAN 2 Transocean Ship Management Dhaka, Bangladesh 09.02.2013 03.06.2013
    Engine 2nd Engineer Container ship 9220433 KARIN NAESS SHIP MANAGEMENT, NETHERLANDS 12.08.2014 26.12.2014
    Engine 2nd Engineer Container ship 9275397 TAROKO SEACHANGE MARITIME SINGAPORE 25.03.2015 21.07.2015
    Engine 2nd Engineer Bulk carrier 9104419 MARATHA PROVIDENCE MV AL KHAIR-TERRA-MARINE SHIP MANAGEMENT- PAKISTAN 06.10.2015 12.01.2016
    Engine 2nd Engineer Bulk carrier 9131034 SYMI MV OPAL FORTUNE - AGGREGATES MANUFACTURING TRADING FZE, UAE 29.10.2017 27.06.2018
  11. Other employments

    Company name Title Country From date To date
    Saphire Power Generation Ltd. Senior Engineer Pakistan 28.12.1997 12.08.1998
    Power Plant-Suraj Cotton Mills Ltd. Chief Engineer Pakistan 20.08.1998 03.05.1999
    Bimilla Energy Pvt. Ltd. Chief Engineer-Manger Power Plant Pakistan 10.06.2016 21.10.2017
    RSNF- Ship Repair Facility- Al-Jubail Marine Mechanical Engineer Saudi Arabia 18.07.1999 02.07.2011