Marit Vaha - Watchkeeping Officer - RO-RO/Passenger Ship - Finland (CV ID: 156010) - Personal CV (Last updated: 22.05.2019)

  1. Personal data

    Current department Deck
    Current rank Watchkeeping Officer
    Current ship type RO-RO/Passenger Ship
    Desired annual salary (USD) 54,000 - 81,000
    Desired contract type Permanent
    Desired contract dynamics
    Years of experience 1-3
    Date available for job 02.06.2019
    Marital status Single
  2. Passport

    Nationality Number Place issued Date Valid until
    Helsinki Finland Police 14.05.2018 14.05.2023
  3. Medical examination

    Place issued Date Valid until Document
    Helsinki AAVA Lääkärikeskus 10.09.2017 10.09.2019
  4. Education

    Education level Institution name Country
    3 Year Degree BSC Svenska Handelshögskolan Finland
    4 Year Degree Novia University of Applied Sciences, Aboa Mare Finland
    High School Lärkan Finland
  5. Certificates

    Name Valid until Certificate
    ARPA radar - management level
    ARPA radar - operational level
    Advanced fire-fighting 01.01.2021
    Advanced medical care
    Basic Sea Survival
    Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
    Basic safety training
    Bridge resource management
    Bridge team management
    CPSC&RB/Advanced Sea Survival
    CPSC&RB/Advanced Sea Survival
    Combined firefighting and survival refresher
    Company Security Officer (CSO)
    Compressed air emergency breathing system(CA-EBS)
    Crisis management and human behaviour
    Crowd management
    Crude Oil Washing
    Crude Oil Washing
    Dangerous goods handling
    ENG1 Medical
    FOET including EBS
    Familiarization training
    Fast rescue boats operation
    Fast rescue boats operation
    Fire Fighting
    General operator (GOC GMDSS)
    ISM Code
    Inert Gas System
    Leadership and team-working skills on board
    Restricted operator (ROC GMDSS)
    Seafarer with designated security duties
    Security awareness
    Ship Security Officer (SSO)
    Shiphandling and Manoeuvring Course
  6. Current employment

    From date
  7. Service records

    Department Rank Ship type Vessel name Company From To
    Deck 1st Officer 8806072 RIONA
    Deck Ordinary Seaman Passenger Ship 9138006 FINNEAGLE
    Deck Ordinary Seaman Passenger Ship 9468889 FINNBREEZE
    Deck 1st Officer Tug 7636327 KEMI 1 Idäntie
    Deck 2nd Officer RO-RO/Passenger Ship 9468920 FINNTIDE
    Deck 1st Officer Passenger ferry 8915770 ALFAGELN Nrodic Coastline
    Passenger Ship 9173719 VIGGEN
    Bulk carrier 9271896 RAMONA
  8. Other employments

    Company name Title Country From date To date
    ABB Marine & Ports Project Coordinator Finland
    IBM Process Coordinator Finland
    Nokia Service Desk Specialist Finland
Nexus d.o.o.
Giuseppe Carabina 11
51000 Rijeka, Croatia, Europe