2017 Jun 02

Houthis attack oil tanker in Red Sea lane

The Houthi armed group attacked an oil tanker passing through a vital Red Sea Waterway known as Bab El-Mandeb on Wednesday, reports Al Arabiya.

The Houthis fired three rocket-propelled grenades towards a ship passing through the strategic waterway, which is used to transport oil and gas from the Gulf.

No crew members of the ship were killed or injured according to a Saudi coalition statement, reports Zaman al-wsl.

The attack occurred near Perim Island, which commands the waterway. The island has been under the authority of the Saudi-led coalition forces since 2015. The Saudi coalition has accused the Houthis of undermining the security of the strategic strait.

The Saudi-led coalition intervened to reinstate Hadi and push back the Houthi group’s military advances towards southern Yemen.


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