2012 May 04

Collision in German port of Travemünde

No injuries were reported after collision of two ferries which happened in north German port of Travemünde on Thursday evening.

Police officials in Travemuende said that the TT-Lines ferry Nils Holgersson smashed into the side of Scandlines ferry Urd, rupturing a hole in her's hull.

TT-Line spokesperson Eva Jönsson said that there were 63 passengers and around 50 crew members onboard the 190 meter long ferry Nils Holgersson when it collided with the Urd around 6.15pm on Thursday evening.

"There was a hole in the hull and some water came in, but fire crews went onboard and pumped out the water," a Scandlines spokesperson told TT.

The Urd, which shuttles cargo between Travemünde and the Latvian port of Ventspils, is set to be examined by German maritime authorities.

It also remains unclear the extent to which TT-Lines passenger ferry traffic between Germany and Sweden will be disrupted a result of the accident.

The Nils Holgersson remains docked in Travemünde.

Jönsson explained that she was unaware as to what sort of physical damage the TT-Lines ferry may have suffered.

However, the Nils Holgersson's10pm Thursday night departure from Travemünde was cancelled, as well as the scheduled 10am Friday departure from Trelleborg in southern Sweden.

However, passengers who had planned on taking the Nils Holgersson back from Germany will be able to instead take the TT-Lines ferry Robin Hood/Nils Dacke, which departs from Travemünde at 2.30am on Sunday morning.

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