2017 May 22

Port of Montreal introduces LNG supply solution

Under its eco-friendly strategy, the Port of Montreal, in cooperation with Gaz Métro, announced that will make now available an LNG supply solution for marine fuel. Groupe Desgagnés, Gaz Métro and the Port of Montreal joined efforts in developing an LNG supply system that will be operated by a Gaz Métro subsidiary.

This system will be available to all shipowners in Quebec, including the fleets passing through the Port of Montreal, marking a milestone for the entire maritime transport sector.

In the wake of the inauguration of M/T Damia Desgagnés, the first Groupe Desgagnés vessel able to be fuelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG), the port of Montreal President and Chief Executive Officer of Gaz Métro, Sophie Brochu, and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), Sylvie Vachon, praise Groupe Desgagnés’ leadership and vision.

“LNG is currently one of the best solutions available to replace petroleum products in the maritime sector, due to its environmental assets. In particular, it respects new Canadian and international maritime transportation standards that aim to minimize the emission of air pollutants [NOx and SOx],” said Sophie Brochu.

Gaz Métro and the Port of Montreal hope that the availability of LNG supply solutions will be a first step in encouraging shipowners to follow the lead and, in turn, move toward this efficient, cost-effective and clean option.

“The Port of Montreal shares this vision to exercise positive leadership in sustainable development practices and, in this context, the LNG fuel supply solution that will be available on our docks is another significant and concrete action toward making commercial shipping even more environmentally friendly”, emphasized Sylvie Vachon.


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