2018 Jun 14

Port of Gothenburg Adds LNG Bunkering Option

The Port of Gothenburg is expanding its LNG bunkering infrastructure to keep up with demand for the fuel in the future.

The port is making LNG bunkering available at berth 519 using a pipe to jetty connection which will be used to connect directly to ships during a call. Swedegas has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian gas supplier Barents NaturGass for the facility, which will become operational in August.

“We can see that the demand for LNG will increase at the Port of Gothenburg and it is vital that the number of alternatives continues to grow,” said Jill Söderwall, head of commercial operations at the Port of Gothenburg Energy Port.

“This will offer greater flexibility, more stable access, and better service for LNG purchasers.”

LNG options

The new Swedegas facility will give the port a larger range of bunkering methods.

With the opening of the Swedegas facility in August, LNG customers at the Port of Gothenburg will have three bunkering alternatives: Ship-to-ship, directly from a road truck, and pipe-to-jetty.

Considerable progress has been made in the development of LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg in recent years.

In autumn 2016, the first LNG bunkering took place at the port, and since then the number of LNG-ships have gradually increased. In 2017, 111 LNG-ships called the Port of Gothenburg. From January through April of 2018, LNG was bunkered 44 times.

LNG supplier Skangas is already operating at the Port of Gothenburg, supplying ships with LNG using a ship-to-ship-system. With the Swedegas facility, the range of options will be even greater for shipping companies purchasing LNG at the port.


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