2017 Jun 28

Thome Group response to Department of Justice ruling on the ETC Mena

Thome Ship Management has cooperated fully with a US Department of Justice investigation into a failure to comply with MARPOL Regulations committed by engineers formerly deployed on the ETC Mena, a tanker under its management, following a USCG vessel examination on 26th April 2016.

The government’s investigation did not reveal any evidence that Thome’s shore personnel, the Owner’s shore personnel or the vessel’s Captain had any involvement with or knowledge of the improper conduct.

The three contraventions identified were a failure to maintain the oil record book, failure to maintain the garbage record book, and obstruction of an agency proceeding by presenting a false oil record book and false garbage record book to the USCG.

The underlying incident, which occurred in international waters, contravenes long held environmental and anti-pollution policies laid down by Thome Ship Management. The Chief Engineer responsible for these actions no longer works for the company.

Thome is committed to maintaining the highest environmental compliance standards and has acted decisively to ensure these types of incidents will not be repeated. Thome has comprehensively reviewed and strengthened its Environmental Management System and practices following this incident, and has established an Environmental Compliance Department to oversee a rigorous compliance program through improved training and auditing, both ashore and onboard. The company is committed to promoting a stronger compliance culture and open and honest reporting.

Thome has agreed to implement an Environmental Compliance Programme (ECP) with the assistance of a government-approved third party auditor under the oversight of a court-appointed monitor.  The vast majority of the ECP’s requirements have already been identified and integrated into Thome’s Environmental Management System.


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