2017 May 13

The Baptism of two LHM 800 cranes

Four years after Montecon charged Liebherr Maritime Cranes with designing and creating two new mobile harbour cranes, able to reach up to 22 rows of containers - a feat of dockside logistics never seen before - the project has been completed.

The Port of Montevideo is one of the major ports in South America and plays an essential role in the economy of Uruguay. Looking back in history of Uruguay the port is closely linked to the origins of the city Montevideo and the country Uruguay. Having in mind that strategic decisions for this port can have far-reaching effects it makes Liebherr Maritime Cranes even more proud to be a part of Montecon’s new success story – the investment in two Liebherr LHM 800 mobile harbour cranes. The growth of Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane range is linked to Montecon. Liebherr Maritime Cranes developed the LHM 800 at Montecon’s request because there were no mobile harbour cranes big enough to meet the needs of the largest ships. According to Olascoaga, General Manager of Montecon, the investment took place “because it’s our business, a point we wish to emphasise. But also because we take it as a basic strategic aim that the port of Montevideo is the only deep-water port in the whole of Uruguay and of this region, with a future full of possibilities.”

Mr Berthold, Managing Director Sales of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH, comments:

“The decisive link between the biggest mobile harbour crane in the world and a successfully running port business is the close and trustful cooperation of two leading family businesses. The LHM 800 represents a before and after, a new area for both family-owned companies, Montecon and Liebherr.” The presence of members of the owner families furthermore underlines the strong importance of the business partnership between Liebherr and Montecon.


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