2017 Sep 25

Irish Ferries want YOU to name their new ship

Get your thinking caps on – you’ve got until Friday to come up with a name for a ship!

Irish Ferries is looking for a name for its new 55,000 tonne cruise ferry, currently being built in Germany.

The huge ship, costing around £130 million and is due to start sailing next summer.

The ferry company has launched a competition at a special website, where anyone – whether Irish or not – can suggest a name.

But don’t even THINK about suggesting ‘Boaty O’Boatface’ or something similarly flaky.

Irish Ferries takes its ships seriously and is looking for another ‘literary’ name to stack up alongside its existing fleet, which includes Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Ulysses.

Dermot Kerrigan of Irish ferries said: “We’re looking for a name that conveys a real sense of Ireland and the country’s literary past, with an emotional appeal not only to the Irish people, but to anyone who sails on the amazing new ship.”

All suggestions – which must be made by September 29 – will go into the draw with a first prize of free travel for life on Irish Ferries.

The new ferry is already being described as being “truly cruise class’”, with a choice of bars and lounge space, à la carte and self-service restaurants, cinemas, a shopping mall and an exclusive Club Class lounge with private passenger access direct from the vehicle decks.

As well as room for over 1,800 passengers and crew, and more than 500 cars there will be 440 cabins including luxury suites with private balconies, as well as a choice of deluxe and standard class accommodation.


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