2012 Feb 29

Gearbulk fleet to be fully manned with asian crews - european sefarers are to be laid off

Gearbulk, the owner and operator of the world’s largest fleet of open hatch gantry and fixed- crane vessels, has for some years increased the recruitment of seafarers in Asia and reduced the pool of Europeans. Gearbulk wishes to announce that they will accelerate this recruitment and a crew transition plan is being implemented to fully man the Gearbulk fleet with Asian crews within early 2013.

Gearbulk Chairman and CEO Kristian Jebsen said:
"This decision has not been made easily and it is highly regrettable that there are consequences for many of our seafarers; however we aim to give them our best support when searching for new job opportunities."

"The acceleration comes as part of a major review of the company’s structure to ensure that Gearbulk continues to be a leader in the unitised cargo transportation markets whilst building a platform for new opportunities and sustainable future growth."

"An extensive selection and training program is being put in place together with our manning partners and we will ensure that the new crew gets the best possible introduction to Gearbulk. This accelerated crewing transition will contribute in our effort to ensure that we are fit for purpose and have a sustainable future."


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