2012 Oct 23

Australian Antarctic supply ship stuck in ice

Aurora Australis, the Australian Antarctic supply ship, is stuck in ice near Casey Station.

The Antarctic Division's operations manager, Robb Clifton, says it is not a problem at this stage with scientists out on the ice doing research work as normal.

Mr Clifton says the crew has until early next month to remain in their position, 80 nautical miles from the Antarctic coastline.

"It's in very heavy ice at the moment and it's unable to move from its current position because of that ice pack having tightened up from some very strong northerly winds," he said.

"We expect then, when we get a little bit of southerly wind and a little bit of swell and current through, then the ice will start to move apart.

"As it does then the ship will move to the the next station for some more science activity."

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