2017 Oct 16

Color Line opens up about new battery hybrid ferry

Color Line senior vice president of marine and technical operations, Jan Helge Pile told the audience at Interferry’s annual conference at Split that the company almost signed for an LNG-fuelled vessel in 2012 but then froze the project because Sandefjord Port only had one ferry berth and they spiked competition by saying the ferry with the least amount of emissions could pick the best time slots.

“We felt that LNG …would cost us slot time while batteries have zero emissions and are unbeatable,” Mr Helge Pile told the audience.

The ferry will charge its batteries shoreside at Sandefjord. Currently the plan is that it will not charge or use electric power in Sweden. But Mr Helge Pile said that if Color Line could get access to shore power in Sweden then the ferry “might end up with a different cycle as there is ample space to increase the size of the battery”. The batteries’ rooms, placed on either side of the ship, are two-decks high with a “lot of volume set aside for the batteries”.

He said that the vessel will have “many energy reservoirs” including a large turbo tank to harbour waste heat that will gather 50 MW hours of energy.

The vessel will service Sandefjord-Strömstad from Q3 2019.

Source:; Rebecca Moore

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