2017 Nov 15

Agreement on EU CO2 quotas excludes shipping for now

Thursday morning, the European Parliament and the EU member states agreed on a revision of the EU's Emissions Trading System, ETS. For the time being, the agreement excludes shipping and instead it gives IMO the responsibility, which Danish Shipping supports.

After long negotiations until late into the night, an agreement on the EU's Emissions Trading System was reached. It is relevant to shipping since, from the outset, the European Parliament was eager to include shipping in the trading system from 2023 in the event of insufficient progress in the IMO's negotiations on a CO2 strategy.

It has always been a priority for Danish Shipping to rectify the European Parliament's demands for an EU solitary approach against the negotiations in the IMO. The new agreement is a success. It gives IMO the responsibility to come forward with an ambitious agreement in 2023. Only then, the EU will act if progress has been insufficient.

"We are very pleased that the two processes are now adapted to each other, instead of the EU impeding the current IMO work. So we would like to acknowledge that the EU has found the right alignment here, "says Casper Andersen, Director of EU Affairs at Danish Shipping.

"The Parliament has for a long time been dissatisfied with the pace and ambitions of the IMO negotiations and therefore continuously maintains the pressure by proposing own initiatives. The pressure is now on IMO to deliver an ambitious strategy, but now the IMO countries have been given the time,” adds Casper Andersen.

Deadlines for IMO's work on a global climate strategy

April 2018: adoption of an initial strategy for comprehensive emissions reductions from ships. Including definition of ambition levels and short, medium and long term measures.

Spring 2023: adoption of a revised strategy


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