Maritime Signal Flags & Abbreviations - W




  I require medical assistance

W Winter (loadline)/ West/ Watt
W.M. (W/M) Weight or Measurement
W/B Waybill
W/P Without Prejudice
W&M War & Marine
WA With Average
WB Waybill
WBA When Berth Available
WBT Water Ballast Tank
WCCON Whether Cleared Customs Or Not
WCSA West Coast South America
WD Wind Direction
WECM Warranted Existing Class Maintained
WEF With Effect From
WEND World Electronic Navigation Database
WFA With Following Alterations
Wharfage (Whfge) Charge assessed by a pier or dock owner against freight handled over the pier or dock or against a steamship company using the pier or dock
WHO World Health Organisation
WI West Indies
WIBON Whether In Berth Or Not
WICCON Whether In Customs Clearance Or Not
WIFPON Whether In Free Pratique Or Not
WIG Wing-In-Ground (effect craft)
WIPON Whether In Port Or Not
WL Water Line
WLOH Within Local Office Hours
WLTOHC Waterline To Hatch Coaming
WMO World Meteorological Organisation
WMU World Maritime University
WNA Winter North Atlantic (loadline)
WOG Without Guidance/ Without Guarantee
WP Weather Permitting
WPA With Particular Average
WR Watch Receiver
WRIC Wire Rods In Coils
WRO War Risk Only
WRU Who Are You
WS World Scale
WT Wing Tank/ Watertight/ War Time
WTS Working Time Saved
WTSBE Working Time Saved Both Ends
WVNS Within Vessel's Natural Segregation
WWD Weather Working Days
WWDSHEX Weather Working Days, Sundays and Holidays Excepted
WWNWS World Wide Navigational Warning Service
WWR When Where Ready
WWRCD When Where Ready on Completion of Discharge
WWW World Weather Watch
WX Weather Message