Maritime Signal Flags & Abbreviations - O




  man overboard

O.P.I.C. Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
O/B On board
O/C Open Charter/ Ore Carrier
O2 Oxygen
OBO Oil/Bulk/Ore
OBS Observations
OCC Occupied
OCIMF Oil Companies International Marine Forum
OCP Over Common Point
OCR Optical character recognition
OD Outside Diameter
ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment
ODP Offshore Drilling Platform
ODS Operating Differential Subsidy
OECD Economic Cooperation and Development
OH Off Hire
OHBC Open Hatch Bulk Carrier
OMBO One man Bridge Operation
OO Oil/Ore/ Owner's Option
OOD Officer of the deck
OOG Out Of Gauge
OOW Officer On Watch
OPA 90 Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (USA)
OPEC Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPL Off Port Limits
OPPR Oil pollution preparedness and response
OPRC International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness,Response and Co-operation, IMO
OPRHNS Protocol on Preparedness, Response and Co-operation to Pollution incidents by Hazardous and Noxious Substances
OR Owner's Risk
ORB Owner's Risk of Breakage
ORC Owner's Risk of Chafing
ORD Owner's Risk of Damage
OS Ordinary Seaman
OS&D Over, Short and Damage (report)
OSB One Safe Berth
OSD Open Shelter Decker/ Oil Spill Dispersant
OSP One Safe Port
OSRA Ocean Shipping Reform Act
OSV Offshore Supply Vessel
OT On Truck/ Overtime/ Oil Tight
OWS Oily Water Separator
Oz Ounce