Maritime Signal Flags & Abbreviations - M




  I have a doctor on board

M Mega
m Metres/ Milli
M/R Mate's Receipt
M/T Motor Tanker
M/V Motor Vessel
MAIB Marine Accident Investigation Branch
MAIIF Marine Accident Investigators' International Forum
Marisat Maritime satellite system
MARPOL International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MBL Minimum Breaking Load
MBM 1,000 board feet. One MBM equals 2,265 C.M.
MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency
MCFS Master Container Freight Station
MCO Maximum Continuous Output
MCR Maximum Continuous Rating
MDO Marine Diesel Oil
MED Mediterranean
MEES Middle East Emergency Surcharge
MEO Medium Earth Orbit (satellite configuration)
MEPC Marine Environment Protection Committee, IMO
MERSAR Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual
MES Mobile Earth Station
METAREA Meteorological Area
MF Medium Frequency
MFO Marine Fuel Oil
mg Milligram
MGA Masters General Account
MGN Marine Guidance Note
MGO Marine Gas Oil
MGW Maximum Gross Weight
MHHW Mean Higher High Water
MHHWS Mean Higher High Water Spring
MHLW Mean Higher Low Water
MHW Mean High Wate
MHWI Mean High Water Interval
MHWN Mean High Water Neaps
MHWS Mean High Water Springs
MHz Mega Herz
MID Maritime Identification Digits
MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum
MIS Management information system
MLB Mini Land Bridge
MLD Moulded
MLHW Mean Lower High Water
MLLW Mean Lower Low Water
MLLWS Mean Lower Low Water Spring
MLW Mean Low Water
MLWI Mean Low Water lunitidal Interval
MLWN Mean Low Water Neaps
MLWS Mean Low Water Springs
mm Millemeters
MMSI Maritime Mobile Standard Identity
MMSS Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
Mn Manganese
MNI Member of The Nautical Institute
MOB Man Over Board
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOL More Or Less
MOLCO More Or Less Charterer's Option
MOLOO More Or Less Owner's Option
MOP Mobile offshore production
MOT Ministry Of Transport
MOU Memorandum of understanding (often refers to PSC)
MPH Miles Per Hour
MRCC Maritime rescue coordination centre
MS Motor Ship
MSA Marine Safety Agency/ Merchant Shipping Act
MSB Main Switch Board
MSC Marine Safety Committee, IMO
MSG Message
MSI Maritime Safety Information
MSL Mean Sea Level
MSN Merchant Shipping Notice 'M- Notice', UK
mSv MilliSievert
MT Motor Tanker/ Metric Ton/ Empty
MTBE Metyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
MTC Moment to change Trim per Centimetre
MTD Multimodal Transport Document
MTL Mean Tide Level
MTNS Metric Tons
MTO Multimodal Transport Operator
MUSC Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants
MV Motor Vessel/ Mercury Vapour