Maritime Signal Flags & Abbreviations - H




  I have a pilot on board

h hour
H-H Harve-Hamburg
H2O Water
ha Hectare
HA Hatch
HAT Highest Astronomical Tide
HAZ MAT Hazardous Material
HBF Harmless Bulk Fertiliser
HBL Hydrostatic Balanced Loading
HCO3 Hydrogen Carbonate
HCRF Hydrographic Chart Raster Format
HD Half Despatch
HDLTSBENDS Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
HELMEPA Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association
HF High Frequency
HFO Heavy Fuel Oil
HGE Harmonisation Group on ECDIS
HHDW Heavy Handy Deadweight
HHDWS Heavy Handy Deadweight Scrap
HHP High holding power (anchors)
HHW Higher High Water
HHWI Higher High Water Interval
HHWL Highest High Water Level
HLA Heavy Lift Additional
HLW Higher Low Water
HLWI Higher Low Water Interval
HMB Heavy Motor Blocks
HMS Heavy Metal Scraps/Her Majesty's Ships
HNS Convention on the Carriage of Noxious and Hazardous Substances by Sea
HO Hydrographic Office, observed height / Holds
HP High pressure/ Horse Power
hr Hour
HR Hellenic Register of Shipping
HSA High Speed Ariation
HSC International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, IMO
HSD High Speed Diesel
HSE Health safety and environmental,Health and Safety Executive
HSS Heavy Grains, Soyabeans and Sorghums
HSWA Health and Safety at Work Act
HTS High Tensile Steel
HW High Water
HWI High Water Interval
HWLI High Water Lunitidal Interval
HWM High Water Mark
HWN High Water Neaps
HWONT High Water Ordinary Neap Tide
HWOST High Water Ordinary Spring Tide
HWS High Water Spring
HWT High Water Time
Hz Hertz (cycles/sec)