Maritime Signal Flags & Abbreviations - E




  I am altering my course to starboard

E.W.I.B. Eastern Weighing and Inspection Bureau
EASC European Air Shippers' Council
EC East Coast/ European Community or European Commission
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System
ECS Electronic Charting System
ECSA East Coast South America
ECSI Export Cargo Shipping Instructions
ECTU European Council of Transport Users
EDH Efficient Deck Hand
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDP Early Departure Procedure
EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device
EEZ Exclusive economic zone
EHC Equipment Handover Charge
EHP Effective Horse Power
EITC European Inland Transport Council
EIU Even If Used
ELSA Emergency Life Saving Apparatus
EMF Electromotive Force
EN European Standard
ENC Electronic Navigation Chart
EOP End Of Passage
EOSP End Of Sea Passage
EPFS Electronic Position Fixing System
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPS IMO performance standard for ECDIS
ER Engine Room
ERR Error
ESC European Shippers' Councils
ESD Emergency Shut Down
ESPO European Sea Ports Organisation
ETA Expected Time of Arrival
ETB Expected Time of Berthing
ETC Expected Time of Completion
ETCD Expected Time of Completion & Departure
ETD Expected Time of Departure/ Estimated Time of Departure
ETR Expected Time of Readiness
ETS Expected Time of Sailing
ETSF Electronic Trading Standard Format
ETSI European Telecommunications
EU European Union
EXW Ex Works