2017 Oct 12

Increase in LNG vessels drives bunker demand

Skangas has bunkered LNG using its new bunker vessel Coralius to a tanker at the Port of Gothenburg for the first time.

With an increase in LNG fuelled vessels calling at the port bunker demand is rising. Skangas’s bunker vessel is one way in which the port is helping meet demand.

“We work closely with both ports and authorities to serve an increasing number of European vessels with LNG,” said Gunnar Helmen, sales manager marine at Skangas.

“In this case the Swedish authorities “Transportstyrelsen” overlooked the operation as they are currently developing LNG guidelines for Swedish ports. Soon, the fleet of LNG driven vessels only with Swedish shipowners will double.”

Up until this point, Skangas has only bunkered LNG by trucks at the Port of Gothenburg.

But ship-to-ship bunkering is often the preferred solution for transferring fuel because it offers a flexibility in transfer location to wherever the vessel is located, along with a quick refuelling operation.

The receiving vessel, Ternsund, is an oil and chemical tanker build in 2016 for the shipping company Terntank. She has a LNG dual-fuel engine from Wärtsila.

Currently the vessel serves under time charter deal with Finnish North European Oil Trade (NEOT) distributing products from the Gothenburg area.

Skangas expects the LNG demand for ships to increase significantly in next few years as responsible shipping companies are seeking cleaner fuel alternatives.


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