Lion Weekly Report 06 January 2017 Week 01



M/V "MEDI IMABARI" - 56,047 dwt, blt 2008 Mitsui/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, B+W 6S50MC-C, CR 4X30T
Sold to Greek buyers (clients of Franco Naviera) for $10 mill

M/V "ETERNAL OCEAN"- 33,382 dwt, blt 2013 Shin Kurushima/Japan, NK, 5 HO/5 HA, Mitsubishi 6UEC45LSE, Cr
Sold to German buyers for $13 mill

M/V "AZURE BAY" - 31,700 dwt, blt 2005 Saiki/Japan, AB, 5 HO/5 HA, Mitsubishi 6UEC52LA, Cr 4X30T
Sold to Greek buyers for $6.9 mill

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