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  • Navis Consulting

    2nd Engineer

    2nd Engineer,


    Cruise Ship,



    Contract: 3 months on / 6 weeks off A leading worldwide cruise company is looking for a 2nd Engineer to join the team. This is an excellent opportunity to make a change and start a new adventure whilst continuing to travel the world. Variety of rotations offered with a competitive salary offered Certificates required IMO COC III/2 – SECOND ENGINEER (unlimited) Valid training certificates as per STCW 95 Regulation Job Summary Stand engine watch as instructed by the Chief Engineer, responsible for combination of below duties: Boiler and steam plant Economizer and ancillary equipment Bunkering and manning of HFO, MDO, LO operations HFO, MDO, LO purifiers maintenance and consumption analysis calculations HFO, Diesel, Oil and Sludge Transfer Pumps and related systems Chemical analysis and treatment of boiler water, cooling water, A/C pre-heating and re-heating water Stabilizers, Thrusters, and Azipod systems Steering gear (where applicable) Controllable pitch propellers (where applicable) Electric propulsion motors (where applicable) Propeller shaft (where applicable).


    Chief Officer

    Chief Officer,


    Cruise Ship,



    We are looking for Chief Officer for our Cruise Ship. Technical and economical leading of Deck Department especially considering the vessel’s safety, environment protection, security and cost management, improvement of the service quality. Responsibilities: Practicing GCCL values, Bridge Watchkeeping / GMDSS, Organization and supervision of maintenance work deck, Assistance of the engine department regarding the overhaul of technical deck systems e.g. cranes, etc., Responsible for all cargo operation tasks, Tasks according to muster list, Supporting the master in cargo and voyage planning, Supervising and instructing of safety matters, Cost control, Administration of documentation related to cargo, Training and instructing of the deck crew and deck officers, Ensuring of the safety of crew, cargo and vessel, Personnel management of deck department, Requisition of paint, store and spare parts of deck department, Cargo, ballast, operations trim in stability, draft control, Optimizing the quality of services, Garbage and ballast management, Dangerous cargo handling, Supervision of cargo equipment, Observing domestic cleanliness/ housekeeping (cabin, galley). Special Tasks: Ship Security Officer, Planning of maintenance work and dry docking, Shipboard command team, Safe working practice, Trainings and drills, Cooperation with Hospitality Department and be ready to assist in carrying luggage, Participate on scheduled provisions loading as well as in waste disposal when necessary, Any additional duty advised by supervisor. Sub-ordinate positions: Second Officer, Third Officer, Deck Ratings. Skills/Qualifications: STCW certification compulsory for the vessel, Medical fitness, Professional experience.


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