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  • Norwegian Cruise Line

    Able Bodied Seaman (AB)

    Able Seaman,


    Cruise Ship,



    Responsibility and Authority: Keeps watch as directed by the Bosun. Participates in all jobs and tasks in connection with safety of own vessel or the other and/or persons and/or environment as directed by the person in charge. Make himself familiar with the ships steering system. When assigned to bridge watch: i. Designated Helmsman, and shall steer the ship in and out of ports or as directed by the OOW. He shall also be knowledgeable in how to switch from hand steering to Auto steering and vice versa. ii. Shall stand lookout. iii. Familiarize with the Fire detection panel, and sign the alarm when directed to do so by the OOW. iv. Familiarize the telephones on the bridge, and answer them if directed to do so by the OOW. v. Familiarize with the bridge’s infrastructure, and train the other bridge watch accordingly. vi. Make rounds of the decks as directed by the OOW. However, he shall never leave the bridge without the OOW’s permission. vii. A.B’s duties as directed by the OOW, and when doing so, he reports to Bosun. viii. Gangway duties when needed, both in port, and when at anchor. Tender duties as needed, and familiarize himself/herself familiar with driving the tenders. Shall participate in training and guiding of the less experienced sailors onboard. All other duties as assigned. Education and Experience: The A.B. qualifications shall conform to all International and National conventions and regulations as required by the Flag State, and by the STCW. Experience on vessels as Deck Hand or equivalent position. Knowledge of the Company SMS. Skills including but not limited to: i. Seamanship ii. Team Work iii. Deck Work Experience iv. Proficient Helmsman Must have Able Seafarer - Deck Certificate STCW II/5