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  • DGS Maritime Crewing Agency

    Engine Cadet

    Engine Cadet,


    Container ship,



    Contract: 4 months ON, 2-3 months OFF Condition: Higher Qualifications or University degree Approximate time of embarkation: August/September 2015 BUILD YOUR CAREER WITH US Our vision is to create our own skillful vessel crew who we can rely on, and our mission is to provide that crew with the high quality work environment. Therefore, we are continuously looking for young educated assistants to give them the necessary practical knowledge and an opportunity to build a successful maritime career. With the help from experienced mentors, apprentice engineers, deck apprentices and apprentice electricians with university degrees are offered a chance to learn everything they need, so they can take on duties and challenges of the job independently. We highly value young motivated professionals who wish to advance in their careers, and in DGS we offer them a unique opportunity to improve their skills and progress in their career, according to their merits. Furthermore, our priority is the care for our people and we try to create partnership relations with all our seafarers. We are all part of the same team and only with complete confidence can we ensure a good partnership, to the mutual benefit. We have a highly professional approach to all our partners and the Agency's business is in accordance with all legal and quality regulations. Such principles have made DGS a desirable and reliable maritime partner, a company where seafarers build long lasting careers. First professional steps with DGS guarantee a safe and successful maritime career in the future, so join us and move forward in your career.