Intermodal Weekly Market Report, Tuesday 2nd May 2017, Week 17

Market insight By Stelios Kollintzas, Specialized Products
The overall performance of each sector within the edible oil markets has remained poor for the past weeks.  Apart from the veg oil exports from S. America, which has provided Owners with firm rates on the back of a busy CPP market until mid-April, there is not any other positive market sign to report. Once again the palm oil markets remains very weak with further decreases on rates both in both regional and long-haul shipments.

The palm oil markets could be described as extremely poor. As far as the long-haul runs are concerned, there is very limited new business quoted for May. A long list of FOSFA MR tonnage combined with a very soft Intra-Asia CPP market for similar units, currently earns below USD 10,000/d and should inevitably lead to weaker rates. The going rate for FOSFA MR TC trips to MED-Europe-Continent is about  13,500$/d for tonnage with edible cargo history.

Coming to the regional market, the anticipated surge in demand for Ramadan is yet to materialize. This is to say that freight rates to India, MEG and Red Sea remain very weak with no change during the last couple of weeks. Evidence to this is the 20,000MT shipments to WCI, which are currently trading circa USD 20.00pmt. On the lookout for a positive signs for the coming weeks, the Malaysian palm oil council has announced that it will lower its crude palm export tax to 7% in May, down from 7.5% in April. It remains to see if this reduction will translate into more cargoes in the market.

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