Intermodal Weekly Market Report, Tuesday 28th March 2017, Week 12

Market insight By Nasos Soulakis
SnP Broker

Shipowners will always look for market signals in order to gauge market perception and decide upon which strategy to follow next. And while owners investing in the dry bulk market have been particularly busy lately, there is limited interest in the second-hand tanker market, activity in which is about 68% compared to the first quarter of 2016.

‘Sluggishness’ is therefore the defining characteristic used to describe the situation in the tanker SnP market, while in the freight market, rates maintain healthy, well above OPEX levels,  but not high enough to inspire overwhelming positive expectations. This trend has resulted in decreasing asset prices and may well be the window of opportunity for owners wishing to invest in vessels priced at fairly reasonable levels.

Looking into the MR segment, the table below gives a breakdown of values for different asset classes since 2012. (Please find attached)

The last done “MARE ACTION” (30,058dwt-blt 05, S. Korea), which was sold for a price close to $10.0m together with the small 15-yr old MR2, basis SS/DD due, which can be fixed close to $8.0m, are indicative of the particularly attractive prices currently prevailing in the sector.

Despite those rather attractive prices in the tanker market though, it is SnP activity in the dry bulk sector that has been monopolizing everyone’s interest lately. However, after consecutive weeks of increasing asset prices and with more than 200 dry bulk SnP deals - ranging from Handies to Capes – at the closing of Q1, there are a few voices now in the market insisting that this rally will gradually show signs of cracking and exhaustion.

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