2017 Apr 12

London Gate Way, Port of Rotterdam and more talks Major Incident Prevention

SMi Reports: Port Security Technology 2017 offers a unique platform that will provide a complete focus on major incident prevention and risk mitigation.

Last month, the Coast Guard and other agencies held a full-scale emergency response exercise in the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach.  The exercise was designed to build relationships in the federal maritime security domain and update area maritime security planning. The main goal of the training is to practice, evaluate, and make recommendations for enhancing response efforts within the port.*

Against this back drop, Port Security Technology 2017 offers a unique platform that will provide a complete focus on major incident prevention and risk mitigation. Through case studies based presentations from port operators and senior law enforcement personnel, the conference will provide a better understanding of the risks to port and how they can be mitigated.

London Gateway will present information on how to ensure the recording of any and all incidents through body and vehicle worn cameras as well as automating incident reporting to smoother information dissemination.

Port of Rotterdam will discuss their approach to traffic monitoring and vessel identification to optimize risk assessment and enhance cyber resilience. Identify key requirements to enhance situational awareness of cargo and ships for the future.

Transport for London will provide a focus on collaboration with port operators to establish strong resilience plans for transport networks. Understand how Transport for London approach business resilience and why they merge emergency arrangements, business continuity and security into one function.

Metropolitan Police Service will demonstrate how to enhance respond during a major incident by prioritising key elements such as command structure, decision making and record keeping.

Other notable presenters include BIMCO, Belfast Harbour Police, City University London, International Maritime Organisation, London Gateway, Malta Transport Authority , Marine Risk Management, MAROPS, Metropolitan Police Service, Milford Haven Port Authority, Port Authority of Vigo, Port Of Long Beach, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Santos - Santos Brasil, Salamanca Group, Transport for London, University Of Warwick.

The 8th annual event will also feature an all new exclusive half day post conference workshop on “A Devil’s Advocate Approach to Port Security” hosted by Captain John Dalby, CEO, Marine Risk Management/Globalert Africa, taking place on the 21st June, 2017.
The 2-day programme will provide a complete focus on security technology and its importance to the preservation of life and property in ports and at sea as well as enable you to explore the most important topics to date such as cyber resilience, security automation and counter-terrorism.

For those looking to attend, there is £200 early bird offer available online ending on 28th April 2017.

Further information is available at   

8th Annual Port Security Technology 
19th – 20th June 2017
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London, UK   

Media: Contact Theresa Chung on [email protected]

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