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More than 10 years of experience in making dreams come true

Full service ahead – the world over

s hips' crewing for over 12 years
e xtensive experience in
a ll sectors of the
c atering and hotel management on board on
h igh seas and rivers, ships of the
e xtra class - in other words a
f ull-service partner for the
s hips' owners, operators and crew

Get to know one of the leading international service partners for river and ocean-going cruises in the premium sector. With a perfectly attuned team we cover all jobs in hotel management and crewing. Our ambition is to meet the highest expectations and to exceed yours.

Our expertise – from galley planning to calculations

Whether in the vast expanse of the oceans or in the intricate meanders of rivers – what would a cruise ship be without the people who epitomise the particular charm of a cruise? A cruise without attentive stewards, qualified hotel staff or competent wellness experts? Unthinkable!

Come alongside: sea chefs will take over the complete hotel and restaurant management for your fleet. As service partners with more than ten years of experience in ocean-going, river and ferry cruises, we have excellent know-how to offer.

Our range of services covers all jobs in maritime hotel management. From planning the hotel sector and gastronomic facilities during the ship-building phase via selecting the crew and planning their allocation to service and payroll accounting, from the basic equipment to continuous goods supplies for hotel operations on board and from central operations and control to quality assurance.

In our work, the satisfaction experience for both your and our customers always has top priority. For example, we pay as much attention to the selection of qualified, flexible and motivated staff as to personalities with a high degree of social competence – to people who, from day to day, continue to bring new life into our company’s promise.

More than 10 years of experience in making dreams come true

sea chefs was founded in 1999 when it was assigned with the hotel and restaurant management for four ocean-going vessels.

Soon afterwards the good reputation of the company for fulfilling the demands of its customers to an excellent standard spread so rapidly that it was not long before the fleet of ships cared for by sea chefs was augmented by numerous cruise ships and ferries.

Today, sea chefs is one of the world's leading companies for upmarket hotel and restaurant management on behalf of demanding ship owners and sea travel operators.

And also for you a

World. Class. Team.

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