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BW Fleet Management (BWFM) is responsible for the ship management of vessels owned by BW Gas, BW Maritime and other companies in BW Group.

BW Fleet Management (BWFM) is responsible for the ship management of vessels owned by BW Gas, BW Maritime and other companies in BW Group. It combines the technical expertise of the tanker and gas ship management teams and provides services within technical management, crewing, newbuilding and projects. Ship management is an integrated part of the total product delivered to customers by BW Gas and BW Maritime. BWFM manages a diverse fleet consisting of tankers and gas vessels engaged in world wide trade. It also manages newbuilding projects from the design phase to delivery and is actively involved in various projects aimed at improving performance.



To deliver high quality long-term ship management services to companies in the BW Group. BWFM aims to be in the top quartile of ship management companies in terms of reliability, safety and cost effectiveness. Core values • We deliver on our promises • We are always trying to do better • We act for the future The tanker assets are managed from Singapore while the gas vessels are managed from Oslo. The Singapore arm of BW Fleet Management is a leading manager in the tanker industry, with an established reputation for quality in ship management and operation. For five years, 2003 to 2006 and 2010, BW was named the Tanker Owner of the Year by Lloyds List Maritime Asia and in 2008 to 2010, received the Seatrade Asia award for Tanker Operator of the Year. Over the course of our long operating history, BW Fleet Management in Singapore and its predecessors have operated over 360 vessels with a cumulative capacity in excess of 37 million deadweight tonnes. We believe that our experience, track record and quality of service allow us to meet the most stringent of health, crewing, engineering and environmental safety standards. Moreover, we believe our commitment to delivering the responsive and transparent services required by many of our key customers is reflected in the volume of repeat business generated from leading oil companies and traders.


Our management approach is characterised by an emphasis on the close interaction of shore and seafaring personnel. The extensive seafaring experience of the office management team allows a close connection with operational staff. BW Fleet Management is committed to personnel development. We conduct onboard and onshore training programmes for crew to constantly improve skill levels and increase awareness of safety procedures. We have implemented various risk management programmes to prevent incidents and emergencies, and to respond effectively should they occur. A strong emphasis is also placed on leadership and management skills, with both in-house and external training to enhance teamwork and optimise ship performance. Ship/shore relations are enhanced by onboard visits from senior managers, ship/shore work groups and an ongoing office secondment programme for senior officers.


Our vessel maintenance policy is aligned with (i) our customer-focused strategy of providing high quality vessels and (ii) our intention to maximise vessel life and reliability by investing in maintenance. We continually improve our preventive maintenance programmes and have equipped all of our vessels with a Planned Maintenance System. This software allows us to ensure the integrity, continuity and standardisation of maintenance, and effectively manages the communication between vessel and office with regard to repair and maintenance. Detailed analysis of vessels combined with lengthy ship management experience has allowed us to adopt predictive replacement of critical equipment, thereby delivering operational efficiencies and reduced costs. We also conduct external benchmarking on safety, environmental and budgetary issues, which we use to ensure consistent above-average performance based on industry benchmarks.

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