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AMPTC is a Pan-Arab company engaged in the transport of hydrocarbon products and local trading of LPG.

Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company (AMPTC) was established in 1973 by member countries of the Organization Of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) in accordance with a decree of the Council of Oil  of its Member States.
AMPTC is dedicated to provide services of such quality that customers will receive superior value, while our employees and business partners will share in our success and our member states will receive a sustained superior return on their investment.
AMPTC acknowledges the sensitivity of its activities in relation to the environment and hence, committed to the highest standard levels of operation that the Maritime industry can offer.

Mission Statement

At AMPTC we believe that Safety, Quality and Environmental excellence is fundamental to the Company's long term success and is therefore an integral part of our business plans.
In order to achieve Safety, Quality and Environmental excellence and Continual improvement the Management System of the Company has adopted the methodology known as "Plan-Do-Check-Act" (PDCA).
Safety, Quality and Environmental responsibilities extend throughout the organization from the General Manager downwards.
The Company strives to operate its vessel without any incidents to the vessel, humans or accidental pollution of the marine environment.
Everyone is expected to take a personal, active and constructive role in our drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations and actively promote the concept of Safety, Quality and Environmental Excellence ashore and on board.

Safety Quality & Environmental Policy

We will provide world-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety, environmental & customer requirements
This will be achieved by our total commitment to:
  - Continually improving the effectiveness and performance of the Quality Management System.
  - Implement, maintain and communicate this Policy to all Company employees and other interested parties.
  - Creating interest and enthusiasm in employees for Safety, Health, Environment Protection and the enhancement of Customer Satisfaction.
  - Recognizing that Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Protection are essential in order to achieve the Company's objectives and they are responsibilities of the top Management.
  - Establishing, promoting, monitoring and reviewing Safety, Quality and Environmental Objectives in order to materialize this Policy.
  - Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.
  - Providing adequate resources to promote this Policy.
  - Establishing safeguards against all identified risks to Life, Health, Property and the prevention of Pollution.
  - Promoting safe, healthy and environmentally friendly practices and a safe working environment.
  - Aiming to have Zero incidents including Zero accidental Spillages of harmful substances in the marine environment.
  - Being prepared for Emergencies.
  - Continually improving the Quality Management skills and competence of personnel by promoting training, familiarization and drills.
  - Using procedures, instructions and check-lists to promote the system.

Management Drug / Alcohol Abuse Policy Statement

The AMPTC Management believed that operating the vessel by a person, on board, under the influence of drug and alcohol would affect his judgment in conducting his work.

Therefore, to be inline with our Safety and Quality Policies in operating the vessel safely, effectively and to the highest acceptable standards,hereby the AMPTC Drug & Alcohol Policy is enumerated below in the succeeding paragraphs.

 - No seafarer will navigate the vessel or assist in its navigation while under the influence of Drug or Alcohol.
 - All Officers and Crewmembers will be tested for Alcohol and Drug abuse during their regular medical check up.
 - In addition random testing of Alcohol and  Drug abuse is to be carried out at least once a year and when ordered by competent authorities and the maximum level of alcohol context is 0%.
 - The purchase, sale and consumption of Alcohol are prohibited on board, therefore, the Master at all times is responsible to ensure that there is no alcohol carried, purchased and consumed on board.
 - Any Officer / Crewmember found trafficking in Drugs / Alcohol will be subject to instant dismissal.
 - Any infractions to this policy and associated regulations shall be reported to  the Company head office soonest.

Post-accident D&A testing In the event of any accident which results in damage to property, personnel or environment, personnel directly involved in the accident may be required to undergo through a drug & alcohol test.



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