2019 Jun 24

China Unveil World's First 'Intelligent' Oil Tanker

China’s largest shipbuilding company Dalian Shipbuilding Industry (DSIC) has showcased the world's first intelligent oil tanker with a total capacity of 308,000 tonnes.

The vessel was delivered to its owner, China Merchants Energy Shipping Company, to the coastal city of Dalian, northern China on Saturday.

Besides its immense size of nearly three football fields, the tanker's key distinctive feature is an “intelligent” system that has assisted autopilot navigation, intelligent liquid cargo management, and integrated energy efficiency management.

“At present, countries around the world are actively promoting intelligent navigation and developing intelligent technologies for ships, which plays an important role in improving maritime traffic safety, energy conservation, emission reduction and economic efficiency", Vice Chief Engineer of DSIC Guan Yinghua said as quoted by the website China News Service.



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