2018 Jun 12

Brodosplit launches Polar Expedition Cruise Vessel for polar region

Many representatives, partners in construction and financing, friends, numerous spercial guests and Marija Strikić from Split Down Syndrome Association were present at the launh ceremony, wishing passenger a safe journey aboard new vessel, cutting the ceremonial rope, toasting it with champagne and simbolically ¸¸launching¸¸ the ship into the sea.

¸¸This ship is a symbol of Brodosplit restructuring and a breakthrough in  organistaional and technical design because it is built with new software, tools and technology, especially in the equipping department, where almost 80-85% of the ship is already equipped during the construction on the slipway, resulting in better quality of construction, shorter deadlines and lower construction costs -  said Tomislav Debeljak, CEO of Brodosplit, before adding that in many ways this ship will be special and recognized as a permanent value for the Split shipyard and Croatian shipbuilding.

The ship is being built under  a new financing model, for its own fleet and for long-term lease. The partner can repurchase it the first day after the delivery, therefore, at any time.

¸¸I am very pleased with the quality of the ship, which is already quite well equipped, with built-in drive and a lot of equipment for passenger and crew accomodation. Our team has a great deal of cooperation with the shipyard, and the ship will receive its first polar passengers in June next year – said Wijnand van Gessel, owner of Oceanwode Expeditions.

The polar cruise ship will be the world’s first ship of ¸¸LR PC6¸¸ class that will meet the latest Lloyd registry requirements for the ¸¸Polar Class 6¸¸ vessels. It is 107.6 m in lenght, 17.6 m in width, and 15 knots will provide two main engines with a total output of 4,260 kW. It will be able to accomodate 196 passengers  in its 85 cabins, which will be taken care of by 70 crew members.

The polar cruise passenger's will be offered high hotel-like standards as well as various cabin ranging from spacious apartments to two-room and four-room cabins, where they will be provided with multiple secured systems to provide a safe and comfortable stay.

The design and all technical solutions are entirely the work od Brodosplit's project designers, who through this project, have successfully confirmed their key role in positioning Brodosplit high on the list of technical competency and architectural competitiveness.


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