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Pollution control boats

Pollution control boats makes it possible to recover floating waste and oil slicks. These boats are generally equipped with arms at the bow, guiding waste towards the bin. And they can also be fitted with various types of response equipment so that it can be utilised in many different applications, including boom deployment, dispersant spraying, oil recovery and beach clean-up operations.


A fireboat is a specialized ship with powerful pumping means (flooding and depletion), appliances producing carbon foam and special powder for fighting against shoreline and shipboard fires. These boats are also equiped with multiple water cannons. They have an unlimited supply of water available, pumping directly from below the hull and so they are particularly effective on docks and ship firefighting.

Patrol boats

A patrol boat is a government service boats for coastal monitoring and control of fishing or navigation. Private companies will also equip this type of boat to port monitoring instance. These boats are equipped with engines and propulsion systems to achieve high speeds in order to catch boats in offense or escaping. The boat may be equipped with small weapons, night vision devices, stealth systems,etc.

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